Zipper Pouches



All of my bags are 100% handmade and each design is hand printed on the fabric before the bag is constructed. All the in is environment friendly ink and each design is created by hand carving a lino block.

All of my shirts are hand printed, either with a hand carved lino block or hand pulled in my home screen printing studio!  The ink is environment friendly and shirts are made in the USA-and super super comfy!

All of my pouches are printed 100% by hand with environment friendly ink.  They are also all hand sewn, and have a pop of color in the contrasting zipper!  Each design is created by taking a drawing or photograph and hand carving a lino block.

These one of a kind pillows are completely hand sewn and hand printed!  They each have a decorative contrasting colored zipper in the back for easy washing.  Each design is created by hand or digitally, and either carved into a lino block or burned onto a screen and hand printed.


Size: 16in x 16in

Each design is an original lino print, hand carved and hand printed.  Printed in ink on a 5 x 7 inch brown note card with coordinating envelope.  It can be sent to a loved one to brighten their day, or it can be displayed in your home or office as an unique art piece!


Because each card is hand printed each piece will be slightly different to others in the run.  But that's the beauty of a lino print, don't ya think?

© 2016 Jane's Daughter.  All images are copyright of the artist.